Blackjack and Software Provided by Amigotech

Amigotechs is a software development company that offers its customers a variety of gambling options, including virtual poker, casinos, and sportsbooks.
The firm, which has its headquarters in Panama, is responsible for the production of a respectable canon of works, many of which are distributed in the United States.

The unfavorable news comes next.

Amigotechs is one of those businesses that gives out an unpleasant odor even from a mile away. To begin, there is a very limited amount of information on the firm that can be found on the internet. It should immediately raise suspicions that they are engaging in fraudulent activity given that their whole operation is conducted online. If you take into consideration the fact that their official website is no longer accessible, you should have warning signals popping up in your brain right about now.

Do you need more evidence?

Consider the two instances in which players have made direct accusations that their program is unfairly biased against them. The first known instance of this took place in 2011, when a player participated in 922 hands of Jacks or Better video poker but did not get a victory that resulted in monetary compensation. After conducting an investigation into the matter, Dr. Eliot Jacobsen of Certified Fair Gambling came to the conclusion that “it is more likely to win the United States Powerball lottery 14 times in a row, buying a single ticket,” as opposed to “it is more likely that the results of this game happened solely by chance.”

Four years later, a consumer voiced their dissatisfaction with the fact that after playing 560 hands of 2 Ways Royal video poker, they had never won anything more than a pair of twos. This assertion was validated by game records, and the chances of such an occurrence occurring fairly were calculated to be 1 in 18,977,313,106,520,400,000,000,000,000,000.

In the end, the proprietor of Amigotechs provided financial compensation to the player, but the image of the firm had already suffered significant setbacks (yet again).

Games Can Be Played

Amigotechs offers a collection of games that is about average. They have a little more than 40 slot machines in addition to casino staples like roulette (American, European, and French varieties), craps, and war. Let’s take a time to look at some of the general benefits and drawbacks that come along with their virtual inventions before we go on to a more in-depth study of the blackjack games that are now accessible from that company. Before we do so, however, we will first halt for a discussion of the available blackjack games.

The bright side

You could have a difficult time coming up with reasons to play at a casino that is run by Amigotechs if you are seeking for them. Although there aren’t many things going for them, one thing that makes them stand out from the competition is the fact that they provide games that aren’t available anywhere else.

The two games that come to mind first are 30-40 (also known as “Trente et Quarante”) and Crazy Poker (also known as “Crazy 4 Poker”).
The first option has a house advantage of 3.42%, while the second option provides the casino a 4.52% advantage over the player. In the second scenario, the player has the option of placing the highest possible insurance wager, which lowers the house edge to a more favorable 0.90 percent.

Fans of any of these games should be overjoyed to discover that they can play them at casinos that are linked with Amigotechs since neither of these games is likely to be available anywhere else.

Aspects to Avoid

You should steer clear of Amigotechs for a variety of reasons, all of which are presented in the following paragraphs for your edification and convenience.

Software That May Or May Not Be Fixed
This alone is sufficient enough to steer clear of any casino that is linked with the corporation. Check examine the first portion of this post if you haven’t already done so in order to learn more about the Amigotechs software that may or may not have been rigged.

Information That Is Not Reliable
When we go to the help files at a casino, we anticipate seeing comprehensive information on each and every one of their games. At least, that’s how it’s meant to operate, but the people working at Amigotechs clearly have different thoughts on the matter. Their help files are, at best, inconsistent, and sometimes important information and guidelines are “accidentally” left out. This is utterly inexcusable, and it is one of the clearest signals that the organization does not keep the patrons’ best interests in mind when making business decisions.

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